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Richard O. Hamilton, Jr.

Rick is a partner and shareholder at Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker. He practices in the areas of construction and business law, assisting individuals and businesses with construction issues and commercial disputes ranging from small collection matters to large multi-party complex litigation and arbitration cases. Rick is licensed to practice law in the Ohio and Kentucky state and federal courts. Rick has been with the firm since spring 2008.

Rick offers Construction Arbitration & Mediation Services, and has developed rules for parties interested in private alternative dispute resolution services. He is also a Qualified Neutral for American Arbitration Association as a mediator and an arbitrator since 2011. Rick has presided over 60 arbitrations and a multitude of mediations, involving straight forward disputes as well as complex, multiparty and panel required arbitrations.

Rick has 10 years prior experience as designer and construction manager for residential and light commercial/retail projects. In his law practice, he has extensive construction industry experience representing contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, architects, and owners on residential, commercial, and public projects, in litigation, arbitration, and mediation. He assists clients with the prosecution and defense of claims, including breaches of contract, failure to perform in a workman-like-manner, Prompt Pay Act violations, enforcement of lien rights (private and public), performance and payment bond claims, Ohio EPA claims, Consumer Sales Practices Act violations, fraud, breaches of fiduciary duties, and various other civil claims, including those involving homeowner/condominium owner disputes.

Rick represents clients in intra-company owner/shareholder disputes and maintains a general business counseling practice and a business litigation practice. He counsels clients on construction and service contracts and on lease and financing agreements for personal and real property. He advises clients on credit and collection matters, including credit applications, terms of credit, collection actions, and FDCPA issues. Rick also advises clients on issues arising from their homeowners’ or condominium owners’ associations.

Rick approaches representation with a business mindset, taking into consideration budgetary constraints, goals, and practical outcomes. He believes in diligence and perseverance in reaching client goals.

Rick enjoys travel, scuba diving, hiking, visual arts and movies with his family.

Professional Associations

  • Ohio State Bar Association
  • Cincinnati Bar Association
  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • Northern Kentucky Bar Association
  • National Association of Credit Managers
  • Allied Construction Industries
  • Arbitrator Neutral for American Arbitration Associations, 2011 - Present
  • Mediator Neutral for American Arbitration Associations, 2013 - Present

Representative Matters

Matters of significance Rick has handled include representation of:

  • A national electrical supply company for collection of nearly $1 million from a failing electrical contractor over multiple projects in Ohio and Kentucky, resulting in over 90% recovery.
  • A contractor in defense of a large apartment complex construction defect claim in Northern Kentucky, resulting in dismissal of the claims in excess of $900,000.
  • A large Cincinnati Christian community in claims against the builder, architect, and engineer for defective construction and design of a church facility resulting in resolution of lien claims in excess of $160,000 and site design and construction remediation in excess of $150,000.
  • An electric contractor in litigation for claim in excess of $300,000 and steel supplier and erector for claim in excess of $200,000, resulting from non-payment involving Southwestern Ohio school district construction project.
  • A prime contractor for claim in excess of $1.5 million in an Article 8 dispute resolution process with a central Ohio college.
  • A prime contractor in defense of subcontractor claims in excess of $1.2 million on an Ohio college project.
  • An Ohio EPA qualified waste water treatment consultant-contractor in defense of an indemnification claim in excess of $1 million by owner of large trailer park home property located in Central Ohio, resulting from Ohio EPA claim against owner.
  • A broker for prosecution of a Realtor's Broker's Lien claim in excess of $170,000 for procuring tenants for a failed Cincinnati area retail construction project.
  • Equipment and material suppliers on a multitude of lease, rental, and account collections ranging from $5,000 to $150,000, which necessarily involved mechanic's liens and contract claims.
  • Homeowners on defense of sub-contractor and supplier claims in excess of $100,000 on a home construction project valued in excess of $800,000.
  • A contractor on a claim against a homeowner for failure to pay and wrongful termination of construction of a new home in excess of $800,000.
  • An electrical contractor in a Northern Kentucky retail development project for prosecution of a mechanic's lien for non-payment of a claim in excess of $120,000.
  • A contractor in defense of a prevailing wage complaint in an undetermined amount filed by Southwestern Ohio based trade association.
  • An architect on defense of claims presented by a residential builder for defective design.
  • An architect for a lien claim in an Indiana development for the City of Lawrenceburg.
  • A developer in a Southern Ohio residential development for defense of a lien claim by an excavator and prosecution of claims against the excavator in excess of $1 million;
  • A contractor for demolition of a former national meat processing plant under the Clean Ohio Revitalization Project Funding program, on claims against the owner in excess of $750,000.
  • A T-shirt distributor against an international manufacturer for defects, breach of warranty, repudiation of pending orders, and UCC implicated dispute in excess of $450,000.
  • Homeowners in collection of $225,000 resulting from a general contractor’s fraudulent and criminal conduct associated with defective construction and processing of fraudulent affidavits.
  • Purchasers against a seller regarding a purchase of interest of a regional SBA Small Business Investment Corporation, where the seller’s claims were disposed of through summary judgment, clearing the ownership interest of the investor purchasers resulting in distributions from the SBIC investment free and clear in excess of $2,000,000.
  • Employees in violation of a non-compete from a regional employer, resulting in negotiated terms that carved out specific market areas and customers allowing employees to continue with their new business enterprise.
  • A framing contractor for a multi-building HUD project for a claim in excess of $200,000 for unpaid work and wrongful termination of a contract.
  • An electrical supplier in a Northern Kentucky HUD project for a claim in excess of $185,000 for unpaid materials provided to the job site.


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Prior Military Experience

  • Specialist Fourth Class
    Army Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service
  • 2nd of the 9th Field Artillery
  • Pershing II Nuclear Missiles