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Can Businesses Ask for Me…

Can Businesses Ask for Medical Information on Applications?

As more and more businesses require proof of vaccination for customers and staff, many are questioning the legality of asking job applicants and employees about their vaccination status, especially surrounding ADA law. While it is legally permissible… Read More
prenuptial agreement

What You Need to Know About Prenuptial Agreements in Ohio

When a couple decides to get married, divorce is often the last thing on their minds. But in some situations, it is wise to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. When it comes to marriage, this can mean considering the potential benefits of a… Read More
Categories: Divorce, Litigation
The Difference Between Co…

The Difference Between Corporate Law and Business Law

Many law firms handle both corporate law and business law matters. While there is no specific definition that identifies the difference between corporate law and business law, corporate law generally refers to how businesses are formed, governed, adm… Read More
real estate attorney

7 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney as a Seller

Even though Ohio does not require that an attorney be present at a real estate closing, having a knowledgeable and experienced real estate closing attorney on your side can help ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly, that your interests are p… Read More
Categories: Real Estate

Easements in Real Estate

Property boundary disputes often involve easements, which are non-possessory interests in land that allow the holder to have access to or use the property of someone else. This is often put into place for a specific purpose or limited period of time.… Read More
Categories: Real Estate
avoid probate

Can You Avoid Probate in Ohio?

If you recently lost a loved one, complicated legal and financial processes are the last thing you want to deal with. But when a loved one passes away, that may be exactly what you and your family will need to do. After a loved one’s death, the per… Read More
Categories: Estate Planning
business dispute

Settling a Business Dispute

Business disputes happen all the time. Whether it’s a disagreement between business partners, a professional who failed to meet industry standards, a violation of confidentiality agreement, or a labor and employment issue, finding a resolution to a… Read More
divorce discovery

A Guide to Divorce Discovery

While divorce discovery is not often discussed in conversations about litigation, it is one of the least-understood but most important aspects of any divorce case. Discovery occurs during the pre-trial phase of a divorce. It is the formal process by… Read More
Categories: Divorce
Business for sale sign - sell your business

Steps to Sell Your Business

In the coming decade, many businesses will change hands as baby boomers continue to retire and sell their businesses to new owners. Selling a company requires careful planning and a clear understanding of the market. If you are considering selling yo… Read More
Wedding Rings And Judge's Gavel

Ohio’s Divorce Process

There are a number of ways a couple can end or alter their marital relationship in Ohio, but the most common process couples choose to pursue is divorce. The divorce process allows the spouses to ask the court to make the final decisions concerning p… Read More
Categories: Divorce

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