We represent clients in a broad range of litigation matters. RKPT’s dedicated team of attorneys brings personalized attention and depth of knowledge to each and every matter we handle, whether representing a small business in a contract dispute, providing advice to an employer concerning a labor issue, assisting a creditor with a commercial collection matter, or pursuing a claim on behalf of an injured person. Our clients value our responsiveness, efficiency, and sound judgment, and rely on us to provide solutions that are creative, practical, and strategic. Whether through negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or litigation, our mission is to deliver successful and cost-effective outcomes to our clients.

Over our decades-long history we have become trusted advisors and advocates for real estate developers, contractors, manufacturers, creditors, advertisers, franchisors and franchisees. Based in Cincinnati, we appear regularly in state and federal courts, as well as before administrative tribunals, throughout the Midwest, and are well-respected in the local community for our professionalism and integrity.

Our litigation services include:

Commercial Litigation

RKPT represents businesses across diverse industries, including construction, real estate, and manufacturing. We routinely handle claims involving contract disputes, workmanship issues, lien claims, commercial lease disputes, and payment disputes and… Read More

Employment Litigation

We represent employers and employees in a wide range of claims and disputes concerning employment matters in state and federal courts, before state and federal administrative agencies, and in arbitration proceedings. Our experienced employment litiga… Read More

Creditor's Rights

Since our founding in 1965, RKPT has provided aggressive legal representation for creditors across a wide range of industries. Our experienced creditor’s rights lawyers are regularly called upon to represent banks, credit unions, court-appointed re… Read More

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

At RKPT, our personal injury lawyers assist people who have been seriously and catastrophically injured by helping them secure the financial compensation that they deserve. Our lawyers provide assistance with a wide variety of personal injury cases,… Read More

Divorce and Family Law

At RKPT our Divorce and Family Lawyer teams help clients navigate the often emotional legal proceedings that revolve around domestic relations matters. We have a deep understanding of how difficult and stressful these times can be and we are dedicate… Read More

Ohio Grandparents Visitation and Custody Rights

In general, parents have almost total authority over who can spend time with their children. However, Ohio law allows courts to award grandparents visitation and custody rights in certain limited circumstances. The issue of grandparent’s rights typ… Read More


Adopting a child is a wonderful option for both traditional and non-traditional families. It can also be a very challenging process, filled with red tape and legal restrictions. At RKPT, our adoption attorney has extensive experience guiding our clie… Read More

Child Custody

Child custody disputes can involve some of the fiercest battles in a divorce. Disagreements often break out over which parent the children will live with and how much time and responsibility the other parent is entitled to. These responsibilities and… Read More

Child Support

Although child support in Ohio is calculated based on an income shares approach, and the use of guidelines, extenuating circumstances often exist that may make a guideline award of child support unreasonable or unfair. There also exists in Ohio a reb… Read More


A dissolution is a non-adversarial process where both spouses jointly ask the court to end their marriage. The spouses present their written agreements to the court, along with a petition asking the court to dissolve their marriage. The agreement mus… Read More

Ohio Divorce Lawyer

The financial and emotional aspects of ending a marriage can be overwhelming for you, your spouse, and your children. If you are considering divorce, contact a Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker Divorce Lawyer. You will need to answer questions a… Read More

Post-Decree Modification

In many cases, divorce marks the permanent end of a relationship. However, when minor children are involved, or when an order for spousal support has been issued, a relationship between the spouses can continue long after the final decree. Issues cal… Read More

Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into by a couple preparing for marriage. These agreements address property issues such as income, assets and liabilities that may arise in the event of divorce or death. The prenuptial agreement may also p… Read More

Property and Debt Division

If you are divorcing, you may be wondering who should receive the house, the car, the business and other property. Division of marital property involves careful planning and consideration of your financial situation. Effective legal representation ca… Read More

Alimony / Spousal Support Orders

Spousal support, sometimes known as alimony or spousal maintenance, is a payment made by one spouse to another during and after a divorce. Spousal support is often awarded when there is an income disparity between spouses or when one spouse was the p… Read More

Unmarried Parents, Paternity and Child Custody

Under the current law in Ohio and Kentucky, the biological mother of a minor child born outside of wedlock is the default legal custodian. Biological unmarried fathers have no initial rights to custody or parenting time, but merely the ability to pur… Read More

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