Adopting a child is a wonderful option for both traditional and non-traditional families. It can also be a very challenging process, filled with red tape and legal restrictions. At RKPT, our adoption attorney has extensive experience guiding our clients through all phases of the adoption process, from pre-placement to the final decree. Whether you are working with an agency, are involved in a private or stepparent adoption, or international adoption, we have the experience you need. Our family law attorneys will explain the difference between open adoption (where one or both birth parents know who the adoptive parents are), closed adoption (birth parents and adoptive parents are unknown to each other) and international adoption. We also discuss adoption options for GLBT gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender families. Our adoption attorneys understand the unique legal issues that GLBT families face and will give sound advice based on current Ohio law.

With offices located in Cincinnati and Blue Ash, we welcome you to contact RKPT today about how we can assist you with adoption.