Elder Law

“Elder law” is a broad practice area that encompasses legal issues impacting older adults. It can include such diverse areas as:

RKPT’s elder law attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in the various legal issues that affect older adults. We approach these issues in a caring, compassionate, and comprehensive way.

Elder Law Attorneys Serving Cincinnati, Ohio

Whether you need assistance preparing your estate plan, accessing benefits or other resources for older adults, or are contemplating end-of-life care, RKPT’s elder law attorneys can guide the conversations with your family or loved one, explain the process, and develop comprehensive solutions to address the most complex elder law needs.

Personal Planning

Estate planning and administration is the area of law that addresses the transfer of property after death. Our experienced and knowledgeable personal planning attorneys can ensure you or your loved one has a plan in place to protect their future, minimize tax liability, and pass on a legacy to future generations. While many personal planning matters involve probate, a thoughtfully prepared estate plan can minimize or avoid probate.

Exploring Care Options

Several options are available to help older adults plan for and manage their care. They can designate a family member or trusted friend to take control over their end-of-life decisions by using a durable power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, or advanced healthcare directives.

Our elder law attorneys can also help older adults navigate Medicare or qualify for Medicaid or other assistance programs and help you or a loved one explore care options for the next phase of life.

Guardianship or Conservatorship

If an older adult does not have an estate plan and can no longer care for themselves, it may be necessary to explore alternative options such as a guardianship or conservatorship. A guardian or conservator is appointed by the probate court and is legally responsible for another person or their property. Different states recognize different types of guardianship and conservatorship, and the specific arrangements required can vary. Our elder law attorneys can evaluate your situation to determine whether a guardianship or conservatorship is appropriate and provide advice and legal representation to help you navigate the process.

Addressing Elder Abuse or Neglect

When an older adult cannot care for themselves or is neglected or abused by others, our elder law attorneys can step in to protect your loved one from themselves or the people causing them harm.

State and federal laws require that nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other elder care providers report suspected abuse or neglect. In some cases, when an older adult has been injured or killed in a nursing home or assisted living facility, the injured person or their family is entitled to compensation. Our elder law attorneys can help identify signs of nursing home abuse or neglect and help you take steps to address it.

Older adults have rights, even when they can no longer care for themselves. If someone you love is suffering from physical abuse or neglect or is being taken advantage of, the elder law attorneys at RKPT can help.

Elder Care Attorneys Protecting Elder Rights

Whether you need help with estate planning and administration, accessing benefits through Medicare, Medicaid, or need to plan for end-of-life care, the elder law attorneys at RKPT are here to help. We take a comprehensive approach to elder law and approach every case with care and compassion.

Our offices are conveniently located in Cincinnati and Blue Ash, and we are proud to serve clients throughout Ohio and the Midwest. Contact us today to learn more about our elder law services and how we can help