Protection of Assets

RKPT lawyers have extensive experience helping clients reach their financial goals and pass a legacy on to future generations, including asset protection. Our attorneys create and implement customized estate plans that protect assets and transfer wealth while helping our clients qualify for Medicaid. We also handle matters involving fiduciaries who exploit others for financial gain.

Since our founding in 1965, our attorneys have developed client relationships built on confidence and trust. We strive to understand the specific needs of our clients and develop customized strategies to help them meet their goals. By taking a proactive, multi-disciplined approach, we can handle the most complex legal issues efficiently, keeping the needs of our clients foremost in our minds.

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Our attorneys advise, counsel, and assist people in the creation and implementation of asset protection and wealth transfer strategies. We use a wide variety of tools to minimize tax liability while helping you and your family meet your financial goals and pass a legacy on to future generations.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of naming the people you want to handle your affairs and receive your assets as you approach the end of your life.

Your estate is made up of everything you own, including your home, car, and real estate, as well as bank accounts, investments, retirement accounts, life insurance policies and benefits, furniture, and other possessions. To protect those assets and ensure they are transferred according to your wishes, an RKPT attorney will create a customized estate plan to help you and your family reach your financial goals, leave a legacy to the people you care about, and minimize estate and wealth transfer taxes.

Asset Protection

Estate planning often involves preserving assets while seeking to qualify for Medicaid. Through proper asset protection, you can preserve your financial legacy so your assets do not go to pay for long-term care, divorce, bankruptcy, or lawsuits. This is often accomplished through the creation of an asset protection trust or a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

A Medicaid trust allows you to preserve assets while still qualifying for Medicaid. By placing assets in a trust, you no longer own the assets but can still receive interest or dividend income generated through investments.

Our attorneys can also create an LLC to protect business assets and transfer them to other family members.

Justice for Victims of Financial Exploitation

RKPT lawyers also assist clients who have fallen victim to dishonest caretakers or family members who exert undue influence or duress for their own financial gain.

Fiduciaries have legal duties and obligations to the principal, or the beneficiary of an estate or a trust. If you believe a fiduciary has breached their duty, you may be entitled to relief.

Breach of fiduciary duty occurs when someone who is in a position of trust or loyalty to another person violates their duties and fails to act in the best interests of the principal, estate, or trust beneficiary.

Examples of breach of fiduciary duty include:

  • Dishonesty
  • Self-dealing
  • Neglect
  • Improper management of money or other assets
  • Refusing to obey a court order
  • Embezzlement
  • Causing a loss by a wrongful act or omission
  • Comingling estate assets

The experienced estate litigation attorneys at RKPT can analyze your case to determine whether a breach of fiduciary duty has occurred. When complex financial transactions are involved, an RKPT attorney may engage the services of a forensic accountant, appraiser, or another expert to analyze the financial transactions at issue.

Defending Fiduciaries

Our litigators also defend executors, administrators, trustees, and other fiduciaries against breach of fiduciary duty claims asserted by unhappy or disinterested beneficiaries.

If you served as an estate administrator or executor, or as a trustee or other fiduciary, and a beneficiary claims you acted improperly, our attorneys will defend you against these allegations and protect you from personal liability.

Contact RKPT for Assistance with Wealth Transfer and Asset Protection

If you need assistance protecting and preserving your assets to transfer them to loved ones or a future generation, the attorneys at RKPT can help. We have extensive experience in estate planning, wealth transfer, and asset protection.

With offices in Cincinnati and Blue Ash, we represent people throughout Ohio and across the country. We invite you to contact RKPT for more information and to learn how we can help.

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