Real Estate

For over half a century, RKPT's real estate lawyer team has represented clients in commercial and residential real estate matters. Our clients rely on us for our responsiveness, attention to detail and experience, all of which allow us to anticipate issues and provide counsel throughout every step of what are often complex real estate transactions. We guide buyers, sellers, financial institutions, developers, franchisees, national retailers, and others through commercial and residential real estate transactions and developments across the country.

Closing a real estate deal involves many moving parts and it requires extensive coordination. We approach each transaction with careful consideration of the client’s specific industry and unique business needs and objectives so that we can deliver a customized solution that is both creative and practical. Our experienced attorneys secure the best, and perhaps most importantly, the most efficient outcome for our clients.

The reputation of professionalism we have built over decades has given us access to an extensive network of resources that may be brought to bear on a transaction, should the need arise. We also operate our own title company, Safe Title Agency, Inc., enabling us to close your transaction with efficiency and with a unique focus on customer service.

Whether we are handling a transaction for a buyer, seller, developer, or lender, our breadth of experience offers valuable strategic insight for our clients. The legal acumen and practical experience of our real estate team provide value to our clients in the ever-changing real estate market.

Our real estate services include:

  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation
  • Review of title exams and title commitments
  • Drafting of easements and restrictions
  • Lease drafting, review, and negotiation
  • Review of closing documents for buyers or sellers
  • Representation at closing
  • Review and negotiation of financing packages and documentation
  • Development
  • Construction contracts and financing
  • Drafting homeowners’ association documents
  • Arranging 1031 like kind exchanges

For more information on our Real Estate practice, we welcome you to contact us. Whether our real estate lawyer team handles transactions for a buyer, seller, developer, or lender, our experience offers valuable strategic insight. Our real estate lawyer team has a deep understanding of the legal and financial issues involved in real estate transactions, including purchase and sale agreements, title review, due diligence, zoning, and more. We look out for our client's best interests, ensuring that their interests are protected throughout the process. We also guide our clients through the complexities of real estate law, helping them understand their rights and obligations. We strive to provide timely and cost-effective solutions to our client's real estate needs.