Title Services:

Safe Title’s highly experienced staff excels at making complicated transactions easy for our clients. Our title services include:

Title Search and Review

Safe Title Agency will do a comprehensive review of public real estate records to determine the status and condition of title to the subject property. The title search process provides insight into the history of the rights and interests to the subject property. The search also determines whether there are other defects to the title, including: secondary or junior mortgages; lines of credit; judgments; demands; liens; unpaid taxes; or special assessments.

The title search will also uncover any easements, leases, or other restrictions that might encumber the property. If there are questions about property lines or encroachments, Safe Title can arrange for a surveyor to conduct a survey of the property.

Once the title search has been completed, Safe Title will produce a preliminary report of our findings, called a title commitment.

Facilitating Closing

In conjunction with the title services, Safe Title Agency can act as the closing or escrow agent for real estate transactions. In that role, Safe Title ensures that all necessary documentation is distributed and signed, and receives and distributes payments related to the transaction.

Filing and Recording Paperwork

After closing, Safe Title records documents as appropriate, such as deeds and mortgages, in the county land records office where the real estate is located.

Issuing Insurance Policies

When Safe Title Agency receives the recorded documents back from the recorder, Safe Title will issue any owner’s policy and lender’s policy if purchased by the parties at closing. Safe Title is a policy-issuing agent for two national underwriters, First American Title Insurance Company and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, providing title insurance in counties throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. While not licensed in other states, our firm can arrange for title services for real estate transactions across the country.

Additional Products

In addition to owner’s and lender’s policies, Safe Title also issues preliminary judicial reports, final judicial reports, and judicial commitments for land sales cases, such as foreclosures, in all Ohio counties.

Trusted Real Estate and Title Services in Ohio

For more information on our title services, we welcome you to contact us using the form on this page or call us at 513-721-3337.