Help with Ohio Condominium and Homeowner Association Matters

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Homeowner association (“HOA”) and condominium associations (“COA”) make and enforce rules to protect property values and ensure order in a community. Board members of these associations may face challenges navigating the relationship between the association’s governing documents, local ordinances, and state and federal laws. RKPT’s experienced real estate attorneys help our clients navigate Ohio HOA laws and ensure the HOA or COA is fulfilling its obligations to its members and the community.

Understanding HOA and COA Laws and Regulations in Ohio

Even though HOAs and COAs are largely autonomous, Ohio law imposes strict requirements that govern how these organizations are created, how they operate, and how decisions are made on behalf of the HOA. Additionally, Ohio law prescribes certain rights for homeowners, enforcement mechanisms for the associations, and ways homeowners as an HOA member can ensure the HOA or COA is operating with the members' best interests in mind. Failure to abide by association rules can lead to homeowners association disputes, while not following Ohio law can result in negative consequences for the association and individual members.

Benefits of Retaining an Ohio HOA Attorney

Many HOA or COA board members are passionate volunteers who care deeply about the well-being of their community; however, many board members lack professional training and may benefit from professional assistance when navigating the intricacies of federal, state, and local statutes, HOA or COA bylaws, and other community rules and regulations. An experienced real estate attorney with specialized knowledge and training can help board members and community members prepare or review an association’s governing documents and advise board members and homeowners of their legal obligations or help board members or homeowners with disputes.

Preparing and Interpreting Governing Documents

Clearly written organizing and governing documents are crucial to the success of a homeowners association or condominium association. Due to the complexity of statutory requirements, we recommend the governing documents be prepared by a real estate attorney with knowledge of Ohio law. RKPT real estate attorneys can prepare new governing documents for your HOA or COA or help you interpret your association’s governing documents to ensure board adherence.

Help with Homeowner Association Disputes

Disputes between a homeowners association and individual homeowners relating to architectural restrictions of the community, assessments, and dues may arise. When a HOA dispute arises, both the homeowners association and the homeowner may benefit from experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel. RKPT attorneys and litigators work together to represent developers, homeowners and condominium associations, board members, and individual owners in homeowners association disputes to help HOA and COA boards understand their duties and obligations to owners and assist in resolving conflicts between owners and the board or the board and a property manager. We bring decades of experience to these matters and work to obtain the best result for everyone involved.

Choosing the Right HOA or COA Attorney

When looking for an HOA or COA lawyer, consider the following:

  • Your needs. What legal issue do you need to solve? Does your HOA or COA need regular legal representation? Or are you a HOA or COA member who needs assistance navigating a contentious and complicated homeowners association dispute?
  • Location. When selecting an attorney, choose an attorney who understands state and local laws and has experience navigating homeowners association and condominium disputes.
  • Budget. The cost of an HOA or COA lawyer can vary greatly. Ask questions to better understand the scope of the attorney’s representation and the cost of the attorney’s legal services.

Contact RKPT’s Real Estate Lawyers for Homeowner Association and Condo Association Help

RKPT’s real estate attorneys and litigators have extensive experience handling all aspects of Ohio condominium and homeowners association matters. We can evaluate your situation, explain your rights, help you explore your options, and guide you through the legal process to enforce HOA or COA rules and maintain peace within your community.

RKPT’s real estate lawyers can help with all of your homeowners and condominium association needs, including:

  • Resolving disputes between the board and members
  • Collections and liens
  • Drafting, amending, and interpreting HOA and COA governing documents
  • Personal injury claims related to dangers in common areas
  • Litigation regarding alleged violations of HOA or COA rules
  • Corporate monitoring and compliance

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