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For Lease sign in vacant storefront window visual concept for commercial lease agreement.

How a Real Estate Attorney Can Help with Lease Drafting, Review, and Negotiation

A commercial lease agreement is a complex legal document that sets forth the terms and conditions for the rental of a commercial property. It is a legally binding contract that can last several years and will govern the relationship between landlord… Read More
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Homeowner Association concept with wooden residential homes models and text.

Help with Ohio Condominium and Homeowner Association Matters

Homeowner association (“HOA”) and condominium associations (“COA”) make and enforce rules to protect property values and ensure order in a community. Board members of these associations may face challenges navigating the relationship between… Read More
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Close up of woman signing a contract in the office. Concept Attorney for a Commercial Lease Agreement.

Why Businesses Need an Attorney for a Commercial Lease Agreement

Many businesses need to lease commercial space. Before you sign a commercial lease agreement, it is important you understand the lease terms, your obligations, and that the terms accurately reflect your agreement with the landlord. The commercial rea… Read More
Estate agent giving house keys to customer after contract signature. Concept for The Importance of Choosing a Title Agent.

The Importance of Choosing a Title Agent

When you are buying a new home or selling your current one, the title agent plays an important role in ensuring that the transaction goes smoothly and that your interests are protected. Read More
Young happy couple hiring a real estate attorney. The view is in the office through glass.

Should You Hire a Real Estate Attorney

The purchase agreement is essential to any real estate transaction. But a poorly worded phrase can delay the transaction, end the deal, or result in years of expensive and time-consuming litigation. You can avoid many of these problems by hiring a re… Read More
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Picture of a contract with a silver pen to sign.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Real Estate Contract Negotiation

When it comes time to buy or sell a house, the buyer and seller come to the transaction with different goals, needs, and expectations about what will make the transaction a success. Getting to a point where buyer and seller agree on every term of the… Read More
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for sale by owner

Should You Use an Attorney for a FSBO Closing?

Buying or selling a house is a complex process that requires knowledge of local, state, and federal laws. While many people opt to work with a realtor when buying or selling a house, an increasing number of real estate transactions are for sale by ow… Read More
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funding reserves

Real Estate Attorney for Funding Reserves

In Ohio, condominium associations and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are required to maintain funding reserves that allow them to replace or repair major capital items without needing to resort to special assessments. However, unit owners can waiv… Read More
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Property Title

Property Title Issues That Can Stop Closing on a House

Buying or selling a home often signals the start of a new chapter in your life. But every home has its own history, and unresolved property title issues can present significant difficulties when you are buying or selling a house. Unpaid debts, divorc… Read More
Real estate attorney shaking hand with new customer

7 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney as a Seller

Even though Ohio does not require that an attorney be present at a real estate closing, having a knowledgeable and experienced real estate closing attorney on your side can help ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly, that your interests are p… Read More
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