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Senior woman, aged wrinkled skin and the hands of her care giver. Concept for Alternatives to Adult Guardianship in Ohio

Alternatives to Adult Guardianship in Ohio

Legal guardianship is an important tool that can assist adults who cannot make important life decisions on their own. By filing for legal guardianship, a family member or another responsible adult is granted the legal authority to make decisions rega… Read More
Legal Guardianship of a Minor. Woman hugging child

Applying for Legal Guardianship of a Minor

A legal guardian must be appointed for a person who is under 18 and whose parents have died or are declared unfit. The process of obtaining legal guardianship of a minor often represents a significant life change for both the minor and the person who… Read More
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Updates to Guardian Ad Litem in Ohio

Ohio’s highest court has adopted new amendments for domestic relations and juvenile cases when guardians ad litem (“GALs”) are appointed for children. The changes, effective as of January 1, 2021, include an increase in training requirements, a… Read More