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Employee handbook, pen, glasses and calculator on desk.

Does My Small Business Need an Employee Handbook?

Businesses are not required to have an employee handbook. But an employee handbook or company policy manual can provide many legal and non-legal benefits and help a company avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits. What Is an Employee Handbook? A com… Read More
Mature couple having a meeting with an Attorney for Estate Planning.

Why Hire an Estate Planning Attorney in Ohio

As Americans, we spend much of our adult lives amassing an estate. We work hard to earn money so we can acquire things like a car, a house, a savings account, a retirement fund, and other possessions. But what happens to these possessions when we pas… Read More
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Two stylish business persons in sauits having disagreement, war, conflict, standing near desktop in front of each other, face to face with disrespect expression, partner showing stop sign with hands. concept for How to Plan for and Survive a Business Dissolution.

How to Plan for and Survive a Business Dissolution

Business relationships and marriages share many similarities. They both begin with a spark of passion and optimistic ideas for the future. Effective communication is essential for their success, and they inevitably encounter periods of highs and lows… Read More
One black woman in the car with neck pain Concept for Should I Get Medical Treatment After A Car Accident?

Should I Get Medical Treatment After A Car Accident?

Seeing a doctor after a car accident is critical. Adrenaline runs high after a traumatic event, and you may not realize you were hurt. But once the chaos of a car crash dies down, you may find that you are in considerable pain. Some life-threatening… Read More
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Senior woman, aged wrinkled skin and the hands of her care giver. Concept for Alternatives to Adult Guardianship in Ohio

Alternatives to Adult Guardianship in Ohio

Legal guardianship is an important tool that can assist adults who cannot make important life decisions on their own. By filing for legal guardianship, a family member or another responsible adult is granted the legal authority to make decisions rega… Read More
African descent grandmother and grandchild gardening in outdoor vegetable garden in spring or summer season. Concept for grandparents rights.

What Are Grandparent Rights in Ohio?

Grandparents hold a significant and influential position in a child’s life. They possess the ability to impart the family’s history, instilling a sense of identity and heritage. Narrating anecdotes, exchanging life lessons, and offering a… Read More
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Medical malpractice. Medical suit, stethoscope and documents.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on a Medical Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice occurs when doctors or other healthcare providers make mistakes and hurt their patients. Some cases of medical malpractice are obvious, like when a surgeon operates on the wrong body part or leaves surgical tools inside the patien… Read More
Aggressive german shepard dor run close with opened mouth and show teeth frontal

What To Do If Bitten by a Dog in Ohio

Injuries from a dog bite can be severe and often include puncture wounds, scarring, infection, and even death. Dog bite injuries may require extensive reconstructive surgery, which can result in substantial medical bills. People who have been bitten… Read More
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Estate agent giving house keys to customer after contract signature. Concept for The Importance of Choosing a Title Agent.

The Importance of Choosing a Title Agent

When you are buying a new home or selling your current one, the title agent plays an important role in ensuring that the transaction goes smoothly and that your interests are protected. Read More
Succession planning sign and figurines with arrows. Concept for corporate succession planning.

What is Corporate Succession Planning for Your Business?

As a business owner, building your company has been your life’s work. You have spent your career growing your business, managing cash flow, meeting and exceeding customer demands, and managing employees. When you have “free time,” the last thin… Read More